Collaboration System

Bringing Creatives Together

What is the Collaboration System?

After years of being in the industry, we know first hand the challenges that content creators endure to produce stock content. From handling the entire creative process on their own, assuming different roles to keep within a budget, to having to soldier through parts of the process they really don’t enjoy like sourcing, coordinating, uploading or keywording, content creators have been through it all. This is what inspired the Collaboration System, which enables content creators to get the help of other creatives to produce content. In return, their collaborators receive a percentage of the long-term profits from the content sales. With a system that takes care of all the finer points and technicalities of forming a collaboration, content creators now have endless possibilities to produce quality and profitable content. 

With the Collaboration System, Creatives Can Come Together In A Secure, Hassle-Free and Transparent Way.

The System Helps to: 


The Collaboration System opens up a great many possibilities for creatives
Accessible to Anyone

Accessible to Anyone

Anyone with a skill or creative content ideas can be a collaborator or producer and earn royalty from a stock content platform, be it a stylist, make-up artist, model, photographer, director or an influencer.

Create Content At No Cost

As collaborators involved in the project will receive a long-term percentage of the content sales, creators can engage the help of creative professionals for their projects at literally no cost.    

Leverage Expertise of Creative Professionals

With the collective expertise of a team of creatives to leverage on a project, creators can produce quality content that will fetch good, long-term income.  

Long-term profit for all

Everyone involved in the project benefits from the content created and receives long-term passive income for one-time job 

Focus On What You Love and Do Best

Creators can focus on their role and even improve in their craft as they are not forced to multitask to keep their project within the budget, with the help of collaborators to take on the other key roles and duties needed for the project.

How to form a collaboration?

Once you’ve registered as a contributor, just follow these simple steps:

1. Have an idea for new content?

2. Choose and reach out to the creatives you need for your project.

3. Discuss and reach an agreement on the earning terms with each collaborator

4. Now, form the collaboration on eightstock. Go to the Collaboration System, click “Create New” and register the collaboration by entering the details of your collaborators including their respective earning terms.  

5. Send your collaborators an invite to accept the collaboration and the terms of the Collaboration Agreement. Once each one of the collaborators accepts, the collaboration group is officially formed. 

6. If there are additional terms between producer and collaborators to be outlined and mutually-agreed up, download the sample agreement from eightstock  to tailor an agreement according to your needs and further protect additional contractual rights between each other.  

7. Commence project to produce the content.  

8.  Upload the content on eightstock and start earning. The Collaboration System will divide and disburse the earnings to the collaborators according to the respective earning terms. Collaborators can keep track of the content sales on the shared earnings dashboard.

* eightstock only recognise and enforces the terms and conditions in the Collaboration Agreement within the Collaboration System. Any agreements outside the Collaboration Agreement that are meant to further protect additional rights between Producer and Collaborator is outside the purview of eight stock.

How can the Collaboration System work for you?

The Collaboration System can be used in so many ways to gain all kinds of benefits, by creatives of all types.