How can you earn on eightstock?

There are more ways than one to earn


1. Collaborate with a team of fellow artists to produce content.

2. Upload photos, videos, vectors or mobile photos/videos.

3. Earn a mutually-agreed percentage of the content sales when the content created are licensed by our customers.

Earning Terms

With collaborations, your earnings will depend on the earning terms you agreed to when you signed on to the project namely Earning Percentage and Years Entitled  (the number of years you are entitled to received earnings).

The Earning Percentage and Years Entitled are not set on stone and are to be discussed and mutually agreed by the Producer (the contributor who initiated the project) and the respective Collaborator (the contributors who are invited by the Producer to collaborate on the project) based on factors such as their role and responsibilities in the project. As demonstrated below, a contributor can form multiple collaborations with different earning terms:

Earnings will be rounded to the nearest thousandth for example, 0.0012 will be rounded to 0.001. Any excess or balance will go to the Producer.

Payment Terms

How will you be paid?
The Collaboration System systematically divides and distributes the earnings from all your collaborations according to your agreed earning terms directly to your contributor account. After that, it’s a direct transfer to your PayPal account as usual.

When will you be paid?
All earnings will be paid out to your contributor account monthly and will be transferred to your PayPal account according to your minimum payment threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Are my earnings from a collaboration paid by eightstock or the Producer?
It is paid by eightstock through the Collaboration System. Whenever a content from a collaboration is purchased, the Collaboration System will divide and distribute the earnings to all the collaborators involved according to the respective mutually-agreed earning terms. The Producer has no part in it.

2. Can the Producer change my earning terms?
No, not without your consent. The Collaboration System has protective measures that restrict any changes from being made to the earning terms (among others) without the consent of the parties involved. To make changes to the earning terms, the Producer is required to send you the revised terms for you to agree to and accept.

3. Can a Collaborator earn royalty forever from a collaboration?
Yes.  It is up to you to negotiate the earning terms with the Producer.

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