General Information

1. What is so special about eightstock?
a. We don’t just sell your content but we created a system that helps you create content.
We know that producing quality content that sells is more than half the battle for stock content creators for which, they often need and could use all the help they can get. This is why we created the Collaboration System, which allows our contributors to team up and engage each other’s help to create content, in exchange for a mutually-agreed percentage of the long-term earnings from content sales.

b. We allow all types of creatives to earn royalty from a stock content platform.
At eightstock, anyone can earn royalty. Whether you are a make-up artist, stylist, model, designer, influencer or director, if you have ideas for stock content, you can form collaborations with other creatives to execute your vision, upload the content created on eightstock and earn royalty forever. At the same time, you can similarly earn royalty from content you helped other contributors to create.

c. We enable contributors to form mutually beneficial partnerships.
Contributors can approach a small medium enterprise on a project and offer a percentage of the earnings from content created or free promotional photos or videos in return for the use of their location, product or for their services. Similarly, contributors could also collaborate with nonprofits than just contributing to their cause, which can instead earn them a generous percentage of the profits for their cause. The possibilities are endless really, it depends on your creativity on how to utilise the Collaboration System.

d. We give contributors the potential to earn good passive income
Contributors only need to refer other contributors and we will reward them an amount equivalent to 10% of their referees’ sales earnings for several years. Each contributor can refer up 100 referees and can earn for a minimum 3 years with the potential to increase the earning duration to 5 years. Even if each referee earn only USD200 per month, that is USD120,000 of passive income in 5 years.

2. What is with the title Contributor/Collaborator?
eightstock Contributors are also Collaborators because of our unique Collaboration System, which allows Contributors to team up to create content.

3. Do I have to do both to be part of eightstock?
No, you don’t. You can choose to just be a contributor. Collaborations are up to you but we would recommend you to leverage on the system so you can achieve your full potential as a creative as well as in your earnings. You can learn more about the benefits of Collaboration System here.

4. Do I need to be officially approved by eightstock to be a Contributor/Collaborator after I register?
No, there is no approval required. Once you’ve registered, you are officially a Contributor/Collaborator on Eightstock. 

5. I have content on other stock sites, can I upload them on this site too?
Of course, you are free to lease your work on other sites if you intend to contribute under non-exclusive licensing. If you’re contributing content under exclusive licensing, you can only submit the content to eightstock and no other agencies or vendors.


1. What type of content do you accept?
We accept photos and videos and vectors and mobile photo & video. We also only accept content for commercial use for now.  

2. What are the content I contribute used for?
It will be used for all types of commercial purposes in print or digital like advertising, promotions, content marketing, media/publishing, mobile apps and so on.

3. Can I use my content for my personal use and at the same time offer it for leasing on eightstock?
Yes, you can.

4. Does eightstock accept street or mobile photography?
Yes, we do. If there recognisable faces in the photos, we will only accept the content if the people featured have signed a release form.  We also don’t accept any street photography featuring logos, registered trademarks and such.  


1. How will I be paid and will I be paid in a monthly basis?
eigthstock pays contributors on a monthly basis to your Contributor/Collaborator account. It will be transferred to your PayPal account according to your preferred minimum payment threshold.  

2. What is the minimum payment threshold?
The minimum threshold is USD50 but you can also opt for a higher preferred payout limit


1. Does eightstock provide release forms we can use?
Yes, we do. We provide release forms for model (minor), model (adult) and property in electronic form in your Contributor/Collaborator account, also known as e-release.

2. What is special about the e-release?
For the convenience of contributors, eightstock has created e-release forms that you can effortlessly fill out electronically and save, right there in your own Contributor/Collaborator account.  The next time you’re working with same model, minor or property owner, simply retrieve their release from the folder and re-use after some minor changes.