How can you earn on eightstock?

There are more ways than one to earn


1. Refer contributors to eightstock.

2. Be rewarded an amount equivalent to 10% of your referees’ sales earnings every time their content are licensed by our customers.

Referral Earnings

Your referral earnings depends on several factors: the number of contributors you refer to eightstock, the number of years you are entitled to receive referral earnings (Earning Duration) and finally, your Referees’ content sales earnings. For every contributor you refer to eightstock, we will reward you an amount equivalent to 10% of your referee’s sales earnings for the number of years you are entitled to. To give you an idea of how referral earnings are tabulated, here’s an example of a contributor’s referral earnings in a month:   

* Earnings will be rounded to the nearest thousandth for example, 0.0012 will be rounded to 0.001. Any excess or balance will go to the Referee.

If only four referees can earn a contributor this much, imagine 100 contributors for a minimum of 3 years. And you have the potential of increasing the number of years you are entitled to receive referral earnings to 5 years!

Payment Terms

How will you be paid?
Referral earnings are accumulated, summed up and paid out at the end of each month by eightstock. Then it’s a direct  transfer to your PayPal account as usual.

When will you be paid?
Once you achieve the one-time sales earnings requirement, referral earnings will be paid out monthly to your contributor account by eightstock and be transferred to your PayPal account based on your minimum payment threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Is there a minimum sales target my referee has to achieve in order for me receive referral earnings?
No. You start to collect referral earnings the moment any one of your referee’s content is purchased. You will start receiving your referral earnings once your content sales earnings reach USD 5,000. There is no strict time limit for you to achieve this amount, however eightstock will consider your Referral account inactive if you haven’t achieved it in 10 years.

2. Is the Earning Duration based on how long I’ve been in the Referral System?
No, the Earning Duration means how many years you will earn for each contributor.

3. Is the 10% only based on my referee’s sales earnings?
Yes, only your referee’s sales earnings whether it’s from content they created personally or through a collaboration.  

Have more questions? Please send us an email at contributorsupport