About the Sample Agreement

One of the key concerns with teaming up on projects is how do we protect the rights of all those involved as fairly and fully. In the case of collaborations formed on the Collaboration System, all the Collaborators involved including the Producer (the person who initiates the collaboration) are required to accept the terms of the Collaboration Agreement (also known as the Collaboration Terms and Conditions), in order to form or register a collaboration. The Collaboration Agreement covers the mutually-agreed earning terms, copyright ownership and other related rights of the Producer and each Collaborator, respectively.

The Sample Agreement as its name suggests, is a reference for a Producer and Collaborators should they need to tailor a supplementary agreement to further protect additional contractual rights between them that is not included in the standard Collaboration Agreement.

Please note that the Sample Agreements are meant to further protect any additional terms or rights between the Producer and Collaborators and is outside the purview of eightstock. eightstock only recognises and enforces the terms and conditions in the Collaboration Agreement within the Collaboration System.

What is in the Collaboration Agreement? Find out here.

To see the Sample Agreement, view or download it for free below. 

Creator & Producer – Sample Agreement
(Creator: photographer, videographer, illustrator, drone operator, artist, director, designer, writer, stylist, makeup artist, etc.)

Model & Producer – Sample Agreement
(Model: adult & minor model, dancer, performer, talent or influencer)

Property Owner & Producer – Sample Agreement
(Property owner: real estate or intellectual property owner)

Investor & Producer – Sample Agreement
(Investor: financial investor)

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